Meet Our Staff: Jessica, Graphic Designer

Cool Gear Inc.

Here’s a little known fact about Cool Gear Inc.: our staff is the driving force behind each and every product we produce. I know what you’re thinking…well obviously! Of course our products are developed, designed, marketed and sold by our staff! But what we really mean is that each member of our team truly brings something amazing to the table. From our Operations team to our Design team, each person plays a big role in the products that hit the shelves in your favorite retailers.

In what we are so cleverly titling our Water Cooler Series, we sit down and chat with some of our team members and give you a closer look as you meet our staff behind the Cool Gear brand. Let’s dive in, shall we?!

  1. Name/Title/What do you do at Cool Gear? Jessica / Graphic Designer / I create fun, elegant and sassy graphics for Cool Gear products, ads and marketing materials.
  2. Favorite part about being on the Cool Gear Team: My favorite part about being on the Cool Gear Team is learning how to be independent and cohesive within the team dynamic. Creative Director, David is my mentor not only with Cool Gear International, but with graphic design. Stronger team members and unified strategy communication create a fostering environment for all levels of design and project execution. This fast-paced workplace is balanced with innovative energy and much brainstorming. I am fortunate to have worked with many inspirational people but working alongside with David and Director of Packaging Design, Ryan every day have truly made me a stronger designer and their conceptual approach makes working on the Cool Gear team an amazing experience.
  3. Best work/life balance tip: Meditate. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard it before! Take 30 minutes before, during or after your day to calm the heartbeat of life. When I feel like I’m in 30 places at once, or going into auto-pilot mode, I find a spot for solace, breathe, clear my thoughts and set my intentions. I love the ocean at any season and that’s where I go to free my mind & refocus on what is important.
  4. Best stress buster: Kayaking is my favorite form of releasing tension and stress. Work your maneuvering skills through rough waters and apply the same framework to any situation. How can you be stressed when you come out to calm waters, floating at sunset?
  5. Favorite Cool Gear product: Loose Leaf Tea Infuser with Basket. My favorite loose leaf tea is Harney & Sons Chinese Flower.
  6. Best project I’ve worked on: The best project I worked on is currently top secret but developing the presentation and imagery for one of our latest product lines has been both informative and fun.Millie Pomeranian
  7. I couldn’t live without my… dog! Millie is my 9 year-old fluffy Pomeranian. Totally an old soul and cornerstone of my adult life.
  8. Favorite vacation spot: Kennebunkport, Maine. My family has summered there for many years and although it is ever-changing, will always hold a nostalgic and special place in my heart. Plus the local art scene is unmatched.
  9. If you were stranded on a deserted island with your choice of one celebrity sidekick, one tool of choice, and one item you can’t live without who and what would you choose? Amy Schumer would be my sidekick, swiss army knife tool & my sunglasses.
  10. Final words of inspo? “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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