Modern Passover Recipes for Seder Feast

Happy Passover Festival! While the official seven-day festival begins tomorrow evening, observing Jews will begin the celebration tonight at sundown. Passover is a Spring festival to remember the Israelites being freed from slavery in Egypt. It is celebrated with family, friends, Seders (feasts), and traditional Jewish cooking. This year, we rounded up standout Passover recipes with a modern twist, maintaining the traditional components, while adding in some personal favorite food trends.

Boomwelloh Breakfast Sammie by I Will Not Eat Oysters

Photo by: I Will Not Eat Oysters

Spiralized Raw Beet Salad with Blood Oranges by Salt and Lavender

Photo by: Salt and Lavender

Smoked Fish Fritters with Beet Vinaigrette by Bon Appetit

Photo By: Bon Appetit

Matzah Toppings From Around the World by The Nosher

Photo By: My Jewish Learning

Deep Fried Matzo Balls by What Jew Wanna Eat

Photo by: What Jew Wanna Eat

Grandma’s Matzo Ball Soup by Love & Olive Oil

Photo by: Love & Olive Oil

Red Wine Braised Brisket by Bon Appetit

Photo By: Bon Appetit

Cinnamon Lamb Shank Buckwheat Soup by Natural Nutrition

Photo By: Natural Nutrition

Fruit and Nut Matzah Crunch by Simply Beautiful Eating

Photo By: Simply Beautiful Eating

Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Macaroons by The Mitten Kitchen

Photo By: The Mitten Kitchen

Flourless Chocolate Gateau by La Peche Fraiche

Photo By: La Peche Fraiche

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