Tips for Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

The majority of people begin the year with high hopes and a strong motivation to stick by their New Year resolution. Now, we’re seven days in and it’s time to fess up if you’ve been honoring them or not! While it’s fair to acknowledge that keeping a resolution isn’t always easy, we do have some go-to tips for achieving three common and popular resolution goals!

Healthy Eating:

Those cravings are real. And they’re really good at tempting you to eat unhealthily, despite your refreshing “detox” you’ve planned for after the holidays. When eating healthy, it’s important to maintain a balance of greens, protein, and healthy fats…but we all know the foods we crave most tend to be high carb, high sugar, or high sodium (cough, ahem, french fry addict right here). If you can’t fight the urge, make a compromise: try substituting french fries with pretzels and hummus, candy with raspberries, or an ice cream bar with a piece of dark cacao and banana nice cream. If all else fails, try out our favorite salad and sandwich recipes for a fuss-free weeknight.

Photo By: Chealsea's Messy Apron

Photo By: Chealsea’s Messy Apron


Photo By: Vanilla and Bean













Fast Fitness:

cool gear new year resolutionRemember Planking? We do, and this is our favorite way to get our heart pumping and abs working. Take 5 minutes every morning to do the following routine and you’ll add a boost of energy to your day when you can’t get your bum to the gym!

1 minute forearm plankkeep that butt down!
1 minute side plankkeep your hips up, don’t let them sag to the ground.
1 minute side plank repeat on other side!
1 minute forearm plankkeep your butt down for real, almost there!
2 sets of 10 push ups (15 second rest in between)

Helping the Homeless:

For many of us, we start off the year with the goodwill to help others, so let’s now let that slack! Aside from signing up for soup kitchens and volunteer work, it’s easy to incorporate a small “do good” into your every day routine. Pack an extra bagged lunch a few times a week on your way to work, or during your carpooling days – offer the meal to someone who’s down on their luck and teach the little one’s how a little kindness can go a long way!

Have you been keeping up with your New Year resolutions? Be sure to check in with us each day this month during our #CGresolutions challenge!

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