Every Type of New Year’s Eve Celebration

With the holiday bustle and last minute preparations, it’s easy to push New Year’s Eve plans to the bottom of the list. Before you know it, you and your squad will have repeated the “what are we doing for #NYE17?” text back and forth a dozen times before someone takes charge; but don’t get your leftover tinsel in a tangle – we’ve done the hard work for you! Fall back on these New Year’s Eve celebration ideas, and find the perfect accompanying outfit to kick off the new year right!

Party Girl:

Find out what your favorite bar is doing, weigh the cover charge against the perks (AKA drink benefits), and commit! Buy your tickets and plan on a wild night out with a good group of friends, who are all on the same party-pants-wearing-page.

Skirt, $53 Asos

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Hit Up the Dance Floor:

Find out where the best local DJ is playing, or spend some holiday moolah on concert tickets to your favorite artist. Dance the night away straight into the New Year.

Skirt, $49 H&M

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Cuddle Up on the Couch:

Wine + movies + countdown + pj’s = a recipe for a successful night! Recruit some family members or friends to post up on the couch with leftovers, snacks, and bottles of bubbly.

Onesie, $32 Boohoo

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Cocktail Party Attire:

Get fancy with the perfect LBD or classy jumpsuit, and sip on champagne like royalty. Host a dinner party or a dressed-up potluck, and set the standard for NYE on your terms!

Jumpsuit, $49 Zara

Photo By: Zara

House Party:

Bring the party to the neighborhood, with a good old fashioned house party. Avoid frigid temps, jacked up uber prices, and bathroom lines by having the party come to you. Throw the drinks in the garage with tables set up for party games, and make sure you don’t miss the countdown!

T-shirt, $39 Express

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