7 New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas For Every Occasion

new years eve outfit ideas

Are you in need of an outfit for New Year’s Eve and spent countless hours perusing the pages of Pinterest to find nothing and everything at the same time? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve pulled together some of our favorite looks, but also kept it short and sweet with our seven best New Year’s Eve outfit ideas for every occasion.

new year's eve outfits 2016


All That Glitters: Oooh, shiny things! We love anything sparkly, and on NYE, pretty much anything goes! Sequined dress, pants, skirt, sweater, top, shoes, bra – you name it. All attention will be on you!

new year's eve outfits 2016


Comfy, Cozy, Glam: Whether you’re cuddling up on the couch, heading to a house party, or making your way to your favorite neighborhood bar – the equasion is simple: sparkles + comfort + effortless hair = glitzty casual perfection.

new year's eve outfits 2016


The Jumpsuit: If you’ve been nervous to try a jumpsuit, New Year’s Eve is the night to throw away your fears. Jumpsuits can be dressed up or down with the perfect pair of shoes and accessories. Embrace the one piece!

new year's eve outfits 2016


Two – Piece: Two-pieces aren’t just reserved for the beach! A pantsuit or a crop top & skirt can be found in all shapes, lengths, and materials – mix and match for wherever you’re heading!

new year's eve outfits 2016


The Sweater Dress: Forget sacrificing comfort for fashion! The sweater dress is waiting to hug your curves and keep you oh-so-cozy and warm on a chilly NYE night.

new year's eve outfits 2016


You So Fancy: Ticketed events are all the rage if you can find a good one; that means open bar, fun people, easy-access, and not too expensive! If you have the opportunity to channel your inner Beyonce, we say go for it! Break out that cocktail dress and be shiny, sparkly, and bold!

new year's eve outfits 2016


Be Bold: Pineapples aren’t just for summertime. Spice up the quintessential LBD with a bold pattern or fabric that makes you stand out in the crowd! Your crush won’t have any trouble finding you at midnight 😉 

Be safe. Be beautiful. And be sure to follow us on Pinterest and check out our NYE Outfit Inspo board, here! Cheers!

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