An Open Letter to Badass Women for International Women’s Day

Everyday, women are making influential contributions to society on a local and global scale. From a cultural standpoint, we continue to break barriers, challenge workplace mindsets, and create new, and equal opportunities. Scientific breakthroughs, technological developments, and political movements have been initiated by women; education reform, creative aspirations, family stability and home life have been nurtured by the female vision. This International Women’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing you are.

Cool Gear was founded by superwoman, Donna Roth, and her husband Hank, which over the years grew to be one of the leading water bottle companies in the world. She instilled passion and vibrant energy into the workplace and led by example. She is just one example of influential women on the Cool Gear team and extended Brand family.

We all have inspirational women in our lives who leave a lasting mark on the way we see the world; someone who told us that we could be anything we wanted to be, with hard work, perseverance, and an open mind. Mentors, thought leaders, and above all, Moms’, instill hope, passion, and burning desire for you to be the best you possible.

Today, and every day after, we want you to remember this:

You, are a powerful, strong, inspirational woman, and you can change the world.

So change it with your confidence, your love, and your mind. Be vocal and share your thoughts without fear of stereotypical retribution. Ask your boss for a raise, and show why you deserve it. Defy the barriers set against you in the workplace and raise the bar higher than before. Dare to dream big, and act accordingly.

You are only limited by your own self-worth, so know and believe that you deserve it all. Fight for what you want, and even more so for what you believe in. Your words are valuable, strong, and passionate, share them with your kids, family, friends, and colleagues. Spread hope through compassion, when the world seems empty; show people love in unlikely situations. Incite change by being the best version of yourself; show the world what you’re capable of by pushing your doubts aside and letting your confidence shine through.

Walk the walk like it’s a runway, because you are beautiful, bold, and mysterious. Love your body because it’s yours, and no one else’s. Take care of yourself, your body, and mind, and make time to do so.

Leave the world a better place than you found it, through openness, positivity, and the will to lead by example.

Above all, remember that this letter is for you, your mother, daughter, aunt, and friends. You are capable of all these things and more. So read it through, and remember these words and hold them close.

You, are amazing.


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