Our Favorite Classic Christmas TV Moments

Best Christmas Movie Moments

Thanks to 24 hour Christmas Eve viewings, everybody has listened to Ralphie’s “shot heard round the world”! And thanks to Mr. Scott Calvin, we’ve all hoped that our dad could turn into Santa Claus and take us on a trip to the North Pole. Or better yet, can Buddy the Elf come and make us his daily diet of sugary Christmas snacks?! And lastly, if the tarantula scene in Home Alone doesn’t leave you in a fit of laughter, then we need to find your Christmas spirit.

So while you’re counting down the days to that coveted Holiday vacation… check out this list of favorite classic Christmas TV moments, and make sure to DVR these bad boys as the days come around!

Elf: SANTA!!!!!!!!santa elf

Home Alone: No tarantulas for us!tarantula home alone

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Squirrels are scary.squirrel

Love Actually: Christmas cards in life form.love actually perfect

Elf: Peter Dinklage is always a badass (though we can’t wait for S6 GoT!!)elf peter dinklage

A Christmas Story: Snowsuits are hard, mannn.snowsuit

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Hit the lights!


A Miracle on 34th Street: We believe, we really do!34th st

How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Daily conversations with ourselves…grinch

It’s A Wonderful Life: Yes, yes! We do want the moon! (*tear*)it's a wonderful life

Home Alone: “Keep the change ya filthy animal!”home alone

The Santa Claus: Everything about this makeover.santa claus

Love Actually: All I want for Christmas is you… really.love actually kiss

Now that we’ve got you all riled up – check out this amazing site dedicated to making sure you get your Christmas movie fix!

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