Pack It In! Spring Break Travel Essentials

March is here, which means spring is finally in sight and spring break is even closer! For those taking advantage of the vacation week and jetting off on a new adventure, we’ve shared some of our spring break must-haves, whether you’ll be seaside or slopeside!


GoGear-21.jpg1. Reusable Travel Tubes for Skin & Hair Care. Don’t abandon your routine and trade in your go-to products for the risky hotel-provided assortment (all-in-one soap/shampoo/conditioner anyone?!) or the generic drugstore sample sizes. Many of these contain harmful sulfates, parabens, and added artificial colors; plus the disposable plastic containers have a negative environmental impact. Instead, opt for convenient reusable containers in TSA-approved sizes like our Go-Gear tubes, which you can refill each trip with all your favorite products.





2. Sunscreen. On the topic of skin care, regardless of where you’re heading make sure to pack sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Don’t skip it thinking you’ll grab some once you arrive – chances are you’ll want to get right to the vacation activities and not take time dashing out to buy sunscreen. Even if you don’t plan on soaking up the sun for hours out on a beach towel, the rays are still strong in the mountains (hello, goggle tans!) and can sneak up on you with surprise burns on cloudy days. Most sunscreens last for about three years, but check your bottle for an expiration date and pick up a new one if needed. If you’re looking for a new one, check out Manda Organic Sun Creme.




3. Reusable Water Bottle. Quick to become your favorite travel companion, don’t leave home without it. Pack a spillproof water bottle in your handbag/carry-on, either empty or that you’ll finish drinking prior to heading through security. Most gates have water fountains (typically near the bathrooms), where you’ll be able to refill your bottle to stay hydrated during the flight. With a bottle in hand, you’ll be able to avoid the waiting-for-an-hour-for-a-three-sip-plastic-cup game we’re all too familiar with. Plus, it makes it easy to hydrate wherever your trip activities take you! Heading to the beach? Pack a pineapple tumbler!






4. Affordable Chic Shades. Unless you’re planning on a very tame trip, leave your coveted designer shades at home and pick up a pair of stylish shades that won’t break the bank, but that still provide UV eye protection with a rating of UV400 or higher. You’ll be able to enjoy all the activities to the fullest without worrying that your shades might be lost, broken, or stolen. We recommend checking out Sunski glasses, which are polarized, come in a range of styles, and are crafted from recycled plastic!


jbl speaker5. Portable Mini Speaker. Pump up the jams wherever your getaway takes you! Nothing keeps the party going like great music. Mini speakers really deliver where your cell phone cannot. Opt for one that’s not too pricey so you won’t have to worry about it, and boasts good reviews as well as a waterproof design so you can take it everywhere. We like the JBL Clip 2 Speaker that fits in the palm of your hand and comes in a range of fun colors, plus a matching carabiner to clip it anywhere you go!


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