How to Pack Light for Big Style

pack light

With summer creeping around the corner, we’re ready for warm rays of sunshine, happy hours on rooftops, and flowy, beachy dresses. With weekend getaway opportunities in full effect, the ever-present dilemma of “how to pack efficiently” stares you in the face from your gaping, empty suitcase. Don’t compromise your cute wardrobe and fashionista style, there are tricks to pack light while creating big style with key staple items.

Your Favorite T-Shirt: Tees are easy, comfy, and convertible. Wear the loose t-shirt tucked into jeans to be casual, or tied in a knot at your waistline to spice things up for a night out. Paired with the right jewelry and shoes, you can define how dressed up you want your outfit to be.

 pack light white-tee-shirt pack light white-t-shirt

Stand Out Summer Pants: Whether you own brightly colored jeans, a fun pattern, or edgy style, your favorite pair of pants can also be paired up or down, and proves to be a perfect item for brunch or a fancy dinner.

pack light hudson-heans                                             pack light free-people-jeans

Two Pairs of Shoes: Let’s be honest, there are two types of occasions on summer weekends: daytime romping and night-time romping. Flip flops are the typical go-to for beach town visits, with your go-to pair of wedges to add the finishing touches to your outfit.

pack light sam-edelman-sandals pack light toms-shoes-wedges pack light michael-kors-wedges

Jewelry: Go big or go home on these small, easy to pack essentials; bring a mix of simply designed and statement pieces to help define the tone of your outfit.

pack light lucky-necklace-statment pack light lucky-bracelet

The New Item: Don’t sell yourself short. Especially when you laid down some extra cash on that new summer dress that you don’t have an occasion for – well, make one. Bring it with you and wear the hell out of it!!

Additional Tidbits:

  • The key to packing light is truly bringing a few items that can be worn at any part of the day
  • Cut back on too many shoes – these are bulky and take up a lot of room
  • You probably only need one sweater/cover up…
  • Whether you are staying at a hotel, airbnb, or a friend’s house, chances are there will be hair dryers, towels, etc. When you pack toiletries, pack travel size – GoGear is a lifesaver!
  • Pack a duffel or carry on; limit yourself to a smaller bag, forcing you to pack fewer items.

pack light

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