Yummy Pi Day Pie Recipes

pi day

Pi Day – no matter how you slice it you know that when someone says “Pi Day” you’re going to find yourself thinking about pie…delicious, tasty, flaky pie. If you’re one of the few that isn’t thinking about pie (are you feeling ok?) you can check here for info on what today is really about. 

Regardless of spelling, we think today is the perfect opportunity to make some of our favorite pies. So whether it’s deep dish and savory, or sweet and sugary, we encourage you to skip meatless Monday in honor of a more delicious meal. We’ve carefully selected two undeniably delicious pie recipes for Pi Day, creating an overindulgent two-course meal. It’s okay, we won’t tell!

Course 1: True New England Style Pizza from The Bitchy Baker

There is nothing like cheesy, greasy goodness that slightly burns your tongue, and leaves cheese strings hanging from your mouth. It’s hot, gooey, flavorful, and has the perfect cheese to crunchy crust ratio. Pi day approved!

pi day pizza

Course 2: Lemon Meringue Blueberry Pie by Bon Appetit

Blueberry pie may be reminiscent of summer, but that does not mean we can’t blur the lines a bit. This pie combines a little bit of zest and sweetness to produce an over-the-top pie that might be illegal in 12 states. #SoGood

pi day dessert

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