Running For Diabetes Research by Heather Harrington

At age 24, I have spent nearly half of my life with Type One Diabetes. Being diagnosed at age 16 going through the teenage years was a huge life change for me, my family and friends. I viewed life very differently than I do now. I have gone from resentment and a rebellious phase to accepting and challenging myself to life’s adventures while living with diabetes. I have come to realize that every change in life, good or bad, serves as an opportunity to learn and improve, even in the smallest of ways. To that end, I also believe that everyone has a purpose in life, and I believe I have found mine over the years. I have decided that my learning and improvement opportunity stemming from my disease is the chance to help, support and spread positive vibes to others.

My whole life I lived a very active lifestyle to keep my numbers in check. I love to work out doing HIIT training, total body conditioning, bikram yoga, hiking, and playing soccer even though my body is getting “old” my heart is still young and competitive!

So why not run a marathon?!

A few years ago, I wanted to create a goal while having diabetes. I set a goal for myself to run the Boston Marathon when I turned 26, symbolizing my 26 years of life with the 26 miles I would run, it would also be my ten-year anniversary of having diabetes. However, life has had a different plan and this challenge has come into my life quicker than expected when I found out in November (ironically enough Type One Diabetes month) that I was chosen for the Joslin Marathon Team.12010745_10154154415249688_9177442038572975321_o (1)

This will be a true test of my physical, mental and emotional state while running 26.2 miles having to prepare with checking my blood sugars, taking insulin, eating and drinking to ensure I can accomplish this goal. As much as I keep my worries and excitement to myself, I need help from you.  You may be a stranger, you may be friends of friends but I need your help to reach my fundraising goal of 10,000 dollars!! I can train every day working my body to be the strongest I can be, but the true challenge is reaching my fundraising goal. The funds will be given to the Joslin Diabetes Center to help continue research and find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Please pass my story along, no donation is too little.  For the 1.25 million diabetics living with this disease and myself, we need your help and thank you for your consideration.

945841_10151897413154688_376781205_n (1)Heather Harrington is a twenty-something with the passion and power to make a change in the lives of those affected by Diabetes. Diagnosed at age 15 with Type One Diabetes, Heather has spent nearly half her life with the disease and has now made it her goal to do something about it. Follow Heather on her journey to discovering new opportunities and making waves in the Diabetes world here and help her reach her goal! 

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