Scary Sweaty Halloween Workout

Time to sweat with a not-so-scary Halloween warrior workout, designed for high intensity total body workout. Halloween allows us to be creative, silly, scary, and have some fun dressing up. Whether you have an itty bitty mermaid costume, or are covered up in mummy wraps, this workout will knock out some endorphins and calories just in time for that extra candy consumption.

All you need is a mat for this body-weight only workout routine. Repeat the entire sequence 2 -3 times for maximum effectiveness.

Jumping Jack-o-Lanterns: Jumping jacks for 60 seconds. Starting with your arms by your side, and feet together, jump your legs apart while throwing your arms out into a “Y” shape. Slap them back together and repeat.

Spooky Squats: Jump squats for 45 seconds. Start in a normal squat position, making sure your knees don’t go past your toes; jump into the air, straightening your legs and arms, then softly land back into a squat.

Twisted- Troll Mountain Climbers: Mountain climbers for 45 seconds. Begin in a high plank position on your hands, keeping your body in a straight line. Bring your right knee in, across your body to touch your left elbow; jump back while switching to the opposite leg, bringing your left knee to right elbow.

Mummy Sit Ups: AKA starfish sit ups for 60 seconds. Lie on your back, reaching legs straight and arms above your head into a star formation; use lower abs to lift your neck and shoulders off the ground to sit up, wrapping your arms around your legs into your chest.

Creepy Crawlers: Hi to Lo planks for 45 seconds. Start on your hands in hi plank, then lower right forearm to the ground, followed by left into low plank; push back up into high plank beginning with your right arm followed by left. Repeat on left side to alternate.

Spider Thrusts: Reverse plank tricep twists for 45 seconds. Begin in reverse plank or crab walk pose, bend your arms at your elbows for a tricep dip, then thrust your hips up while reaching your right hand towards your left foot; repeat dip and reach left hand across body to right foot, then repeat.


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