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Whether you count yourself among the bikini addicts, or shyly slink away from the thought of being in a swimsuit, we truly believe that every woman should feel empowered in their own skin. Warm, sunny days are something everyone can enjoy, but the common misconception is that we need a “beach body” to go to the beach- WRONG! We’ve rounded up tips and tricks for finding bathing suits that flatter every kind of beach body, and share some of our favorites along the way.

First start with the do’s and don’t’s, and then find your body shape and get shopping! 


  • Try on different styles of swimsuits, in multiple colors and patterns; you may surprise yourself.
  • Try multiple sizes; suits fit differently from Brand to Brand.


  • Buy a size up; suits expand and stretch in water, so it’s best to get a sizes lightly smaller if you are unsure.
  • Assume a larger size suit means more coverage; it will fall incorrectly and not have effective support. Instead, buy a suit with a more conservative cut for more coverage. 

Pear Shaped: Curvy, sultry hips, thighs, and booty – smaller on top.
The Suit: Find a style that creates balance.

  • A high-waisted bottom will highlight your curves while providing coverage.
  • A plunging neckline or daring top will draw more focus to your top half.
Photo by: Seafolly

Photo by: Seafolly

Small Bust: Smaller up top
The Suit: With minimal support needed, smaller coverage styles, patterns, or push-ups are able to help create the illusion of a larger bust.

  • Fitted triangle tops will help create shape.
  • Padded push-ups can bust up cleavage.
  • Ruffles, bandeaus, and strapless are better for smaller chests that require less support.
Photo by: ishine 365

Photo by: ishine 365

Large Bust: Chesty, sexy cleavage that needs a bit of extra support!
The Suit: Support is key to adding comfort and structure.

  • Underwire or molded cups will add extra support.
  • Thicker straps, and embellished back straps will help provide lift – racerback, halters, etc. 
  • Avoid string tops, ruffles, exotic patterns, and embellishments if you are trying to minimize attention to your chest.

Photo by: Triangl

Curvy: Full chest, hips, & tush, and rocking those curves!
The Suit: Highlight your curves while providing support.

  • Colorblocking accentuates curves with added support structure.
  • Retro suits with high-waisted bottoms and balconette tops.
  • To minimize attention from curves, stay away from string bikinis or minimal coverage, which can accentuate wider areas.
Photo by: Boys and Arrows

Photo by: Boys and Arrows

Athletic: Fewer curves, with strong, athletic lines.
The Suit: Play up your curves with smaller coverage suits that add shape to your frame.

  • String bikinis with minimal coverage – the smaller the bottom, the bigger the tush appears.
  • Patterns, push ups, embellishments, and frills create the appearance of more curves.

    Photo by: Mikoh

    Photo by: Mikoh

Tummy Coverage: When you want to be a bit more conservative and draw attention away from your midline.
The Suit: One piece style that smooths out your shape, and slims down your middle.

  • Gathered fabric hides bulges and looks to create more definition.
  • Shirring or wrap around fabric that binds and defines shape.
Photo by: ishine 365

Photo by: ishine 365

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