Simple Tips for Getting in Workout Mode

We know the feeling all too well – the workweek is coming to an end and the weekend is in sight, you tell yourself that this week you’re going to get it all together: meal prep, eat right, get in that daily workout, and soon you’ll be looking and feeling fitter than ever. As the days close in and your schedule fills up with work and social obligations, the determination and motivation for exercise wane and you find yourself bumping those fitness goals to the backburner. Don’t let it happen!


Each time you check off your daily goals, it gets easier to stick to your wellness routine. We’ve put together some easy tips for getting motivated and sticking to it so you can start to see your fitness dreams as a reality.

  1. Set a Date. The calendar is your friend! Pick an event to work towards, whether it’s a wedding, vacation, or athletic competition. If you don’t have one already, look into a local 5k or brooke-lark-194254-unsplash.jpgmake it an adventure and plan to tackle an obstacle course race with friends. When it comes to setting tangible and achievable goals the best thing you can do is to mark it down and back up your targets week-by-week. Knowing where you want to be and how long you have to get there will give you very specific parameters and a sense of purpose for each workout.
  2. Get Rested Ahead. First things first, it’s hard to fully function in any activity without enough sleep, but it’s particularly true where fitness motivation is concerned and important for avoiding injury. Aim for 7.5 – 8 hours per night and no fewer than 6. This tip comes full circle since more consistent exercise often results in a better night’s sleep. 
  3. Make it a Social Event. Trying to fit everything into your weekly schedule can be a challenge, to say the least, and social engagements are important for mental wellbeing. Consolidate your time and make exercise a social activity. Having a friend by your side will help you stay motivated, make the time fly by, and keep you accountable for sticking to your workout plan.marc-rafanell-lopez-393676-unsplash
  4. Choose the Healthy Way Out. Assess your everyday activities and see where you can swap the “easy way” for the “healthy way.” If you have a manageable commute, try to walk or bike instead of driving or taking public transport. It might sound daunting to spend that extra time, but it will quickly integrate into your daily routine and the added active time will provide a useful mental break as well. Look for other simple changes – take the stairs, walk the dog another block, and opt for active outings with friends and families.alexandru-acea-793569-unsplash
  5. Track Your Progress. With an abundance of apps to choose from, find the one that works best for you to measure your performance. Record your reps for each exercise, time spent, and the weights used, and steadily increase the intensity week to week as you feel the workouts are getting easier. You’ll be able to look back at your progress and seeing changes to strength and endurance will serve as further motivation to stick with it!
  6. Hydrate & Repeat. Being dehydrated can lead to low energy and headaches and can have further impacts on your workouts. Dehydration will have you feeling lethargic and likely keep you from reaching peak performance. Hydrate regularly throughout the day so you start your workout off on the right foot, so to speak, and remember to rehydrate during and after exercising as well. For intense workouts and hot conditions, make sure to add electrolytes too. Large water bottles make it easy to refuel without having to pause and refill and are perfect for outdoor workouts. Check out some of our favorites below!




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