Six Workout Hacks to Trick Yourself into Exercising

Finding the right fitness routine can be challenging and time-consuming when searching for a plan that works with your body and lifestyle. Whether you are eager to switch up your workouts weekly, or tend to work best with a routine schedule, there are still days when the thought of a sweat sesh is less than appealing. For those of you that still have a chance of hanging onto that slowly slipping New Year’s resolution, bounce back to your fitness goals with an extra kick of motivation. Trick yourself into exercising consistently with these simple, enjoyable workout hacks.

First and foremost you’ve got to want it. If you don’t truly want to be healthier in mind, body, and soul, then no amount of exercise tricks will work their magic. Once you are truly (re)committed, and have set a realistic workout goal, then test out the tips that work best for you!

  1. Create a Rule. Make “working out” your thing. Now that it’s yours, set the rule. i.e. I run every Tuesday & Thursday morning; or, I will workout at least 3 times a week.
  2. Make it Official. Hang your workout calendar on the kitchen fridge, or bathroom mirror where you will see it everyday. When it’s literally in your face, the carved out time will be hard to ignore.
  3. Grab a BFF. Getting to your mat/treadmill/gym is half the battle! Have a friend hold you accountable to show up, increases the pressure, and stay reliable for them too! Find a running partner, or yoga friend, who will expect your presence during that day’s workout. Additionally, it’s much easier having a training partner who shares the same goals to help motivate each other.
  4. “Healthify” One Weekly Routine. Find one routine that you can transition to an exercisable activity. For example, bike to work, or walk your dog to get your must-have morning coffee, instead of driving.
  5. Incentivize Your Weekend Activity. Use your weekend time as a workout reward! Squeeze in your “workout” within the process. Heading to the beach? Run there instead and have the hubby bring your beach bag. Bike to brunch with the gals, or head to that yoga class hosted in your favorite brewery!
  6. Scope Out an Event. With today’s fitness craze, there are many community workout events held in the town center, local athletic store, or your favorite restaurant. Find one that looks fun on social media, or your town’s local calendar.

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