Small Business Saturday: Our Story + Our Favorite SB Brands

Small Business Saturday: Our Story & Favorite Local Brands

Oh the joys of holiday shopping – a time to scour the web for the best deals, re-write our must have lists at least four times and make that Amazon Prime account work in overload. But, as we lace up our boxing gloves for the Black Friday madness (read our how-to guide here), and stretch out our fingers for Cyber Monday, it’s important to educate ourselves on the most relevant and arguably most important shopping day of the bunch – Small Business Saturday. A chance to really seek out and support small, local businesses creating amazing services and products while accomplishing really cool things.

With a to-do list that’s never ending and a laid-back company vibe, Cool Gear still encapsulates that small business mentality…despite our ever-growing size. Whether you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit or not, we encourage you to seek out small businesses and support innovation and growth within your own community because you may just find your next must have Brand. 

A note from Cool Gear’s Founder, Donna Roth…

Small Business Saturday: Our Story & Favorite Local BrandsAt the core of every company is the unique idea that started it all; that singular notion that created a snowball effect of ringing phones, outgrown office spaces, eager interns, and hopefully, a growing profit margin. Many of us interact with large and small businesses on a day-to-day basis, but few stop to think about the time, effort, sweat, tears, love, and passion that went into making that business an actual thing!

Cool Gear started because we saw a niche in the marketplace; we knew there was a need and an opening for a quality, functional, and innovative water bottle that came at an affordable price point. And like anything in life, the mechanics of it came down to what we were able to contribute to building the business, and of course, timing. You will hear very few business owners or entrepreneurs say that starting their company was a breeze! Many risk it all and have their hearts broken; for those who succeed, seeing your idea turn into a tangible business that other people positively receive is an indescribable feeling. So before you turn to look for the cheapest option from a big name brand, or run to your nearest bulk retailer – take a look at the businesses right in your back yard – what new and exciting ideas are they creating? Can you see the passion that goes into their work? And if your answer is yes, then maybe they deserve your support – maybe they could potentially be the “next big thing”… they just need some people to believe in them along the way.


 Check out some of our favorite local businesses (around the CG offices) and share your favorites in the comment section. Happy shopping!

  • Bern Unlimited – Helmets for all seasons – these guys have our noggins protected on the slopes and on the road. Kingston, MA
  • Island Creek Oysters – ICO has the best oysters around! Okay, we’re biased but their product, restaurants (Row 34 & ICO Bar), and Brand are changing the oyster farming industry as we know it. Duxbury, MA
    Small Business Saturday: Our Story & Favorite Local Brands

    Nine Five Ltd.

  • Nine Five LTD – Nine Five is a hat wear and apparel Brand, with a portion of proceeds going to a charity of your choosing! Reading, MA
  • Remark Visions LLC – Remark Visions is the premier Real Estate Marketing company in New England, offering photography, video production, aerial services, and more for Real Estate & Brands alike. Boston, MA
  • Solstice Restaurant – The Solstice team creates innovative and delicious dishes from high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Kingston, MA
  • Vela Juice Bar – Vela’s got us on a lean green buzz with its cold pressed juices! Keeping us feeling refreshed, healthy, and detoxed from the inside out. Plymouth, MA

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