#SocialMedia Day: Examples of Social Media Making the World Better

Hashtag social media. Love it, hate it, or somewhere in between – we believe, if it’s used how it’s intended, as a global connectivity platform, it does some pretty amazing things. From fueling long lost friendships, to creating new ones, to launching businesses, or changing someone’s life for the better through viral possibilities – these were rarities our world couldn’t imagine prior to social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more are opening the door to opportunities that many people couldn’t imagine, including emerging industries, the evolution of marketing, and the exponential growth of global communications, effectively making the world a much smaller place. In honor of Social Media Day, we pulled together positive examples of how social media has changed the world for the better.

Charitable Engagement: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took on a whole other meaning of viral explosion when Pete Frates and his foundation got involved and quite literally make the world shake with awareness and ice cubes. Social Media empowers people to not only tell their own personal stories, but empowers others to share and get involved. It quickly becomes a domino effect of people relating to each other with shared emotions and the innate power of empathy. Charities, nonprofits, fundraisers, causes, and personal stories have been shared and spread throughout communities and the world, encouraging people to get involved in whatever way they can – awareness, support, donation, or lending their voice. It’s helped prove that we can all truly make a difference in the world we live in.

Power of Shared Interest: People around the world are able to not only connect through shared causes, but common interests, likes, hobbies, and jobs. People have the ability to grow careers, partnerships, find long-lost friends and family members, and above all learn. Through these conversations and digital relationships, horizons have grown while the world has shrunk.social-media-day-cool-down-2

User Generated News: The time from a breaking story to delivering the news has become almost instant. The news is quite literally at our fingertips, as well as our ability to deliver and share that news. Many breaking reports are first announced through a social media platform from witnesses at the scene. Along the way, this content in itself has become additional evidence and resources for reporting news stations.

Emergency and Disaster Response: Facebook implemented an emergency response check-in for users in affected areas of a natural disaster or declared emergency situation. From earthquakes, flooding, attacks, and so on, people have been able to check-in and let people know they are safe and accounted for.

Political and Social Engagement: Social Media has significantly changed how the world talks about political, environmental and social concerns; it’s allowed people the opportunity to learn, educate, and get involved in what may once have been an intimidating topic. From there, people can organize, support, discuss, and ignite change within their society where unity is involved.

Social Media platforms are powerful tools that can affect our lives positively and negatively, but today, we choose to focus on the power of good it ignites. We’d love to hear your personal stories about how social media has affected your life for the better, or ignited an experience that otherwise would have been extremely unlikely. Share in the comments, or tag us on FB, Twitter, or Insta (@coolgearinc for all three)! 😉social-media-day-cool-down-1

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