Soft Autumn Makeup by Amber Rae Beauty

It’s my absolute favorite time of year – I will be the first one to admit that I am pretty basic when it comes to my love of Autumn. Give me all the boots, holiday lattes & yes, the berry & golden hues of makeup. I am such a sucker for a rich eye & lip combination as the weather gets cooler & the days become shorter.

In this video I show you a fairly simple makeup look perfect for Autumn nights out or even Thanksgiving Day! (Although, I recommend bringing your liquid lipstick along because oil  from your Turkey Day Feast will break it down & cause it to smear off.) This is a softer take on a pin-up look, featuring a variation of a red lip with a brown liquid liner serving as our sassy cat eye.

I myself am a huge proponent of a cat eye & often encourage those around me to give them a shot. After all, it’s only makeup and washes off in a jiff. I talk you through how to create a cat eye but offer a couple of alternatives in both Lisa Eldridge (makeup artist extraordinaire who makes the most informative videos) and Pixiwoo (insanely talented sisters who are makeup artists as well).  They each have excellent cat eye how-to’s and are much more experienced than I, and work on faces other than their own.  I also have a video that has a cheat for the perfect flick – scotch tape! You can find that video link in the description of my video.cateye1

If you’re a beginner, start with something non-committal like an eye shadow and an angled brush. You can play around with what works best for your eye shape & can easily wipe off shadow with a cotton bud & micellar water. I found that as a beginner, gels were easiest for me. Maybelline & L’Oreal make incredible, affordable gel liners that come with pretty good brushes.  Practice certainly makes perfect so don’t get discouraged. I consider myself to be a practiced cat eye wearer & I often have days when it’s just not going right, but that’s ok! It’s only makeup.

Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Project Chimps is not only a gorgeous autumnal red, but it’s also for a great cause. Twenty percent of the proceeds from sales go to a non-profit dedicated to caring for research chimps after their retirement. To think about what they must go through, buying a lipstick is really the least we can do. I purchased mine at Sephora & encourage you to do the same!

Amber Rae Beauty is Amber’s space on the internet to indulge in all things beauty. After immersing herself in YouTube’s vibrant beauty guru community she decided to jump in headfirst herself, sharing tips, tricks and ramblings about the latest in the world of makeup over on her blog, and on her YouTube channel! You can also follow Amber on Facebook.

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