Spring Break Essentials: 12 Things You Actually Need to Pack

Spring Break has sprung up on us again! With senioritis and worn-out collegiates calling for a break, everyone’s ready for fun, sun, and adventure. We’d like to assume you know how to pack for a sun-filled-beach-bum vacation, or how to hit the slopes – but there always seems to be those one or two items that got left out. Tap into our list of spring break essentials that you didn’t think to pack, but wish you did!

Beauty & Skin Care:

1. Sunscreen: Ain’t nobody got time for wrinkles at 25! Whether you’re heading to the beach or the slopes, skin protection is essential. Grab your favorite, pore-friendly, paraben-free sunscreen with the strength you need, but preferably over 30 SPF. Neutrogena has a great Beach Defense line at an affordable price, and Coola is a premium, natural option.

Photo By Neutrogena

2. Makeup Wipes: It’s safe to say you’ll be working up a sweat on the dance floor/ beach/ hikes/ parties/ etc; paired with daytime and nighttime adventures, your skin could use a good cleaning. Grab a travel pack and use day and night! Burt’s Bees has a great towelettes line, and we love the scent of Alba Botanicals 3 in 1 cleansing wipes.

Photo By Burt’s Bees

3. Dry Shampoo: Sharing a bathroom with one roommate is manageable, but when you’re squeezing 6 girls into a hotel room… not so much. Batiste snags the top spot for most women.

Health & Rejuvenation:

4. Water Bottle: While other beverages may be plentiful and overflowing, nothing beats a refreshing gulp of water when it’s needed most! Stay hydrated and save some money by using the taps or filtered bubblers.

5. Hand Sanitizer: Germs! Need we say more?

6. Sleep Kit: Chances are it will probably be loud, especially if you are sharing a room with multiple people. Grab a pair of ear plugs and a comfy cozy sleep mask to help you achieve a better night’s sleep!


7. Speaker: The perfect accessory for any adventures day or night. UE Roll 2 is our go-to portable, water proof speaker. Simply put, it’s awesome in quality and design.

Photo By: UE

8. Portable Charger: Your phone will either deplete its battery from all the photos you’ve taken, or from all the data roaming; bring a portable charging device that’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, but functional enough to give you a full charge at least once a day. This Flux charger is slim and fast.

9. Roku Streaming Stick: Sometimes you just need to Netflix and chill, even on vacation; stream your favorite channels and shows to recharge before the next round.

Photo by Amazon


10. Suitcase Lock: If your airbnb/ hotel room doesn’t have a safe to lock your valuables, then bring a lock to ensure the safety of your items in your suitcase. Keep the key somewhere secure, without the threat of getting lost or stolen!

11. Cross Body Bag: Keep your purse on you at all times, and bring one that has a full closure – zipper or folder lock device. A cross body bag allows it to comfortably travel on-the-go and keep your belongings safe.

12. Fight Back on Spring Break Guide: This awesome organization is a safety travel program created by Girls Fight Back. Review the checklist and tools available to prep you for any unfortunate or dangerous situation you could find yourself in on Spring Break – most can be prevented by being smart and prepared.

Photo by Girls Fight Back

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