Spring Break Packing Tips & Our Top Destination Picks

spring break

Spring Break is the pinnacle of party time for the majority of college students around the US; whether it signifies a lazy-do-nothing-but-overindulge week at home, bikini-clad beach parties, or apres-ski celebrations at Tahoe, typically a lot of food will be shared and drinks will be cheered. Despite the weather or destination, there are a few Spring Break essentials that every kid should pack for a healthy, happy & fun vacation.

  1. Comfy Sweats: Traveling requires comfort. No class means you can cash in on your laziness chips and sleep in.
  2. Reusable Water Bottle: Airports, long car rides, beach days, and those far, few & in between work-out routines will leave you craving some H2O; it’s easy to get dehydrated, despite other liquids you may be consuming, so be sure to add water to the routine.
  3. Portable Charger: Stay in the loop and stay safe by having a readily accessible communication device, AKA your cell phone. Buy a portable charger or a cell case that charges on-the-go, eliminating your need to plug in behind the bar top late night, hence causing you to forget your phone in the process.
  4. Camera: Cell phones are easy, but some adventures are meant to be documented at a different level. Whether it’s fancy DSLR’s, GoPros, or your new Instapix Polaroid, snap some cute, fun shots along the way.
  5. Advil: Need we state the obvious? Check out our top hangover cures here to aid you throughout the festivities. 

Now that you have the basics, take a look at our top travel picks for hot Spring Break destinations this year.

  1. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: Our #1 Destination: Surfer’s paradise, fun surfer bars, cool locals, and perfect sandy beaches. Plus side, it’s super affordable to travel to this international destination and do it all.san juan del sur

  2. Austin, TX: Good food, good music, and lots of hipsters. Be trendy, have fun and get a full experience for all 5 senses. austin tx

  3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Spring-breaky but nicer; offering you the opportunity to take advantage of the ocean, reefs, golf courses, beaches, and of course, nightlife. Less commercial than Cancun and way prettier. Leap Day

  4. New Orleans, LA: Food, bourbon, jazz and more food. Get your Bourbon St. fix and take in the full-on cultural experience this city has to offer – and stay out all night to find it. Very few curfews here. new orleans

  5. Vail, CO: Do the opposite and seek out a wintery escape. A bit more expensive, but at least you’ll be getting your daily exercise in before the quintessential apres-ski. 

  6. vail apres skiNegril, Jamaica: Cheap, all-inclusive options and jerk fried chicken. Stay in hotel zones when partying, but look for structured tours to explore the heart of the Jamaican culture. negril, jamaica

  7. San Diego, CA: Livin’ the California Dream. Beach babes, beach bars, and lots of blonde haired people doing california-y things.california girls

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