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Written By: Hilary Hartman, VP of Business Development & Marketing at Cardio Sport

Changing your fitness, wellness and life does not happen overnight. It is a process. It does not matter how hard you push or what move you execute in a specific class or moment in your fitness journey – that is not what changes you. What changes you is CONSISTENCY.

Movement is essential for the human body to feel good, function properly and look good. When we look good and feel good, our mental well-being is more positive; in general, we feel better about ourselves, which parlays into our entire lives.

Most of us know at this point that we should be moving. Most of us know that we should be eating healthy.  We have the knowledge, so what is it that stops so many people from staying consistent? Why is it that so many people sign up for gyms in January and are no longer participating by March?


There has to be something that makes some people stay consistent and others fall out of consistency, time and time again. Here’s the secret: It takes dedication of course, but more importantly, it takes CONNECTION. People must feel connected to what they are doing – far beyond the physical result.  They must love it. It must not feel like “work.” For some people, this connection is found through yoga, for others this is running or biking, but for millions of others it’s a struggle and therefore they do not stay consistent long-term.

cardio-sport-cool-gear-1Ironically, many of the people that fall into this category are the last people you would ever expect to not be active – many of whom are athletes. Playing athletes cannot imagine a life without movement, but as life moves on and they no longer play the game, they find that they just cannot stay focused on an environment that does not feel purposeful. Instead, it just feels like work – and more work is not what inspires anyone.

Cardio Sport participants are people of all ages and backgrounds, who may have once played a team sport (or currently still do), and loved the purpose-driven, play of sport. What drove them to move was the connection to playing “the game,” not the exercise itself.

Athletes are motivated to move differently than people who are motivated by traditional fitness formats. The Cardio Sport program is designed by athletes for athletes. Using Visual Learning Techniques & Athletic Intelligence to simulate “the play” of sport in a purpose driven exercise environment, CARDIO SPORT provides a comprehensive conditioning experience for the athletic minded person that all athletes identify with.

Cardio Sport is the creator and leader of comprehensive athletic conditioning integration. Our highly addictive classes are now taught all over the country in health clubs, college recreation centers, sports conditioning facilities and school systems via PE curriculum because of the way people connect with this program. There are also three studios located on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Not only do people get amazing results  – results they never imagined possible  – but they love every minute of it!

Most people tell you it feels like being back in the game. They feel a sense of purpose and connection that keeps them engaged and coming back day in and day out. The most remarkable thing about the people of Cardio Sport is not that they are a mix of ages from 12 – 70, but that many of the participants have been taking Cardio Sport classes for years. The average retention rate for a class is less than 6 months. For Cardio Sport participants it is over 5 years as a result of the engaging, fun, motivating way that the classes are executed.

As with everything amazing in life, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it! Come see why people all over the nation are falling in love with Cardio Sport classes! #THEBESTOFYOU


Cardio Sport is excited to offer a free class to anyone in the Massachusetts area who shares this blog post with the hashtag #CardioSportCG. Please email hilary@cardiosport.net to receive more information on your free class.

Additionally, we have teamed up with Cardio Sport for two charity classes this weekend as part of the #MakeWaves fundraising efforts. 100% of the money raised at the workout classes will be matched by a private nonprofit and donated to Autism Speaks.

Learn more here, and check out the details below.

April 23rd @ 8:30 am Kingston Studio, 182 Summer St #14, Kingston, MA

 April 24th @ 8:30 am Weymouth Studio, 82 Pond St, S. Weymouth, MA

$15 cash drop in fee, 100% donated to Make Waves fundraiser in support of Autism Speaks!

ninefive LTD & Cool Gear will be sold on site, with 100% of profit being matched & donated.

make waves


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