Spring Into Summer Check List: 5 Mantras to Remember

Forget #WinterIsComing, the much preferred #SummerIsComing hashtag is way more exciting! After blustery, el niño moments, mild winters and cold springs, and bitter below-zero days, the long wait for warm weather is finally coming to an end. Memorial Day Weekend unofficially signifies the arrival of the summer season and hope for our cold, pale, hibernating bodies. With summer comes a sense of adventure, wanderlust, and an innate desire to have fun – so we encourage you to adopt this Summer check list and warm-minded mantras throughout the season!

spring-into-summer-3Always Say Yes.

New activities, new adventures, and new opportunities will be thrown your way this summer – last minute weekend trips, an extra spot concert ticket, or a chance to try paddle yoga. Challenge yourself to say yes to things outside your comfort zone (with safety and your health a priority of course.) Now, is your opportunity to be spontaneous and open minded; allow yourself to try new things, and don’t hold yourself back with preconceived notions. You may just surprise yourself…

Be Boldly Confident.

Some people crave it, and some dread it – the inevitable bathing suit season. So this year, look at it in a positive light: are you living a healthy lifestyle? Are you working out, and generally eating healthily? If the honest answer is yes, then feel good about that girl! You are taking care of yourself and that is what feels good; and if you feel good, let that shine through. Be bold, be confident, and rock that swimsuit with a smile.

Go Somewhere New.

Whether it’s a new neighborhood, new city, or new continent – get away! Visit a place you haven’t been before and explore something unfamiliar. Open your eyes to the town’s little nuances and soak in the new vibes.


Soak in the Sunshine.

Aka get outside!! The sun is shining, the air is fresh, and the breeze carries the sultry scent of summer – you deserve to enjoy that. Go for a fresh morning run before work, or enjoy happy hour on a roofdeck; steal moments during the workdays by eating lunch outside, or taking a walk around the block during breaks. We can all make time to take advantage of these moments, and we promise you will be better off for it.

Share Your Smile.

Happiness is contagious. It may sound cliche, but smiles and laughter simply can’t be contained – just ask this guy!

See the positive, look at that bright, shining, sunny side, and the be the good in this world. Your smile is beautiful, share it.

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