We Stand Together for Anti-Bullying Month


October is anti-bullying month, and it seems that every day a new breaking story of violence or hate floods our news channels. Tensions are running high, and it would be ignorant to not acknowledge the volatile state of our society, through an array of social issues. Now is the time we need to see the goodness that lives within each and every one of us and the people of our world.

Be the change you wish to see.

We’ve grown up with this phrase and others, that all too often simply becomes words. Words etched on bracelets, scrawled on notes, or hand drawn on cute Etsy finds. The problem is, there is an assumption that words lose their power, and simply hold empty meaning – but this is where the danger lies in our thought process.be-the-change-copy

Words are powerful. They initiate change, provoke emotions, and sway feelings. They can be loving, harsh, sad, or inspiring – in essence, they are the root of every move we make in this world.

So why do too many people assume that words are just playful, unimportant, or shouldn’t be taken too seriously? Bullying words can shatter someone. Words provoke actions – hurtful, mean, or revengeful.

Writing this article was a challenge, simply because it forced me to write about a painful topic, that I do not tolerate within my lifestyle; so watching these videos, and facing the truth, was difficult but only represents a minuscule fraction of the pain that bullying victims experience everyday.

We challenge you to watch these with your friends, family, or children, to witness a reality that too many people face. It is impossible to not be moved by the hurt these videos portray. We can be better, and through kindness and positive examples, we can inspire those around us to be better too. It’s up to parents, friends, peers, siblings, and mentors to talk about bullying with kids, teenagers, and even adults. The cycle will not end unless it is faced head on, and bullies truly understand the repercussions of their words and actions. Together, we can stand up to bullying, and break this cycle.

If you or a loved one are victims of bullying, there are resources to help. Talk to someone, find help, and know that you are unbelievably strong, worthy, and loved. Some helpful organizations include:

Additionally, find love, light, and strength through stories of positivity, and peers that have come out the other side, stronger, confident, and with a true sense of self-worth. These videos show just a few of these stories.

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