Stay Safe On Spring Break

spring break

It’s easy to forget that the white sandy beaches of paradise may not be a safe haven during college Spring Break weeks. We’ve all heard the terrible “horror stories”, and unimaginable tragedies that have unfortunately occurred from too much drinking, wrong-place-wrong-time incidents, or sorrowful accidents. The best you can do is prepare, be aware, and be smart no matter where you are, but especially in high-intensity situations like Spring Break. 

Lots of people, booze, drugs, and unknown places is a recipe for people to be taken advantage of – don’t let it happen to you by being smart and keeping your judgement in tact. Arm yourself with knowledge and our top five tips for staying safe while traveling for Spring Break.

  1. Have a Communication Plan: Whether you are staying close to home or traveling internationally, make sure you are able to communicate with your friends and family. WhatsApp is a great free, international texting & calling app, a sim card is always an option, and a portable charger is a great backup plan.
  2. Honor The Buddy System: Just because you aren’t in kindergarten anymore, doesn’t mean the buddy system isn’t an essential and great idea. Keep your buddy close and have a grand ol’ time doing so. Don’t go off on your own, always make sure people know where you are or where you’re going, and check in with the larger group throughout the day. And for goodness sake, do not go off with strangers!!
  3. Don’t Take Drinks From Strangers: Many of our tips fall in line with things we were repeatedly told as children –  “Don’t take candy from strangers.” “Don’t follow a stranger who says he has your puppy.” – and much is true in adulthood. Keeping a stronghold on your drink, and being aware of who is making it is unfortunately essential in most spring break destinations.
  4. Fanny Packs Are In: Okay, maybe not fanny pack status, but cross body bags, or secure purses with zippers are the best way to keep your stuff safe while traveling; no one needs a stolen ID, passport, cell phone, credit card, or bank card added to their to-do list.
  5. Be an A**hole: Yes, we give you permission to be an a**hole when necessary; know when to say NO to people firmly who may want to offer you things or bring you somewhere you don’t feel comfortable going. On the flip side, it’s alright to tell your friend NO when it’s in his or her best interest, especially if their judgement is a bit compromised.

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