Super Bowl Party Tips!

Not all of us will be lucky enough to go to the Super Bowl this year, but you can still enjoy the festivities by hosting a party worthy of the Big Game. Many people prefer to be in the comfort of their own home: to yell at the TV at their leisure, ensuring that the maximum rowdiness and excitement levels are reached; yet others would trade their first-born child for a prime Game Day experience. Lucky for you, we can help you achieve either option, with our friends at Igloo, who are hosting The Big Game Giveaway – the ultimate Super Bowl giveaway! And for those of us that don’t win the golden ticket (or tickets in this case), don’t worry we’ve still got your back!

All good event days need a Plan B. A day for game food, pre-game festivities, and football traditions, it is not a time to hold back and worry about diets – but there are still ways to indulge in healthier options for game day snacks, drinks and more. Check out these tips to host the ultimate Super Bowl party, and get into the spirit with friends and family.

Saturday Set Up

  • Clean & organize your designated party area
  • Set up plates, utensils, napkins and cups in the kitchen and viewing area
  • Food prep! Chop, slice, mix, and cook ahead of time where possible; leave game day for re-heating or baking only
  • Stock up on ice, bottle openers, coolers, and serving platters
  • Beverages: Buy more, and then some more!
  • Is your team headed to the top? Set up your favorite team’s decor for some fun, Super Bowl pep.

Pass the Party Platter, and the Drinks!

  • Plan group-sized dishes with a  healthy twist to serve at the party, and share the cooking tasks so the entire food experience doesn’t fall on you!
  • Host a pot-luck style game day. Ask friends to bring their favorite party snack or dish, prepared ahead of time.
  • Have food constantly flowing throughout the day; start off with lighter snack options, like a fruit and cheese platter, add some dips, and keep the good stuff rolling!
  • Have multiple coolers filled with your beverages of choice; place the big one in the viewing area, another setup in the kitchen, and anywhere else your guests may be gathering.
  • Have napkins and plastic cups on hand. Lots of them.

4 Healthier Game Day Recipes:

Crudités with Bacon XO Sauce by Bon Appetit

Photo By Bon Appetit

Apple & Brie Quesadillas by Fake Ginger

Photo By Fake Ginger

Israeli Style Hummus by Bon Appetit

Photo By Bon Appetit

Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili by Cookie & Kate

Photo By Cookie & Katie

The Big Game Giveaway

Experience one of the biggest event’s of the year, up close and in person, and enjoy a premium experience in Houston, TX! Got your attention yet? Here are the details:

This giveaway is presented by Igloo, who has partnered with awesome brands to deliver the ultimate Super Bowl experience. Enter to win here, and gain multiple entries by following the steps for submission.

Be on the lookout for the #BigGameGiveaway winner, because you could be on your way to the trip of a lifetime! And if all else fails, you have a pretty good back up plan to host the perfect Super Bowl party!

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