Show Love, Appreciation, and Thankfulness this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving serves as a great reminder to appreciate the opportunities, blessings, and love within your life. Like any holiday, it shouldn’t be the only time you celebrate your blessings, but it is an opportunity to spread the word and share the love. Tell your friends, family, loved ones that they are appreciated, or go the extra mile, just because. Here are some ways to incorporate thankfulness in your Thanksgiving weekend.

Buy A Meal: If you see a family struggling to buy groceries, or a someone looking for spare change, ensure that they won’t stay hungry today. Buy a warm meal, or a bag of groceries filled with fresh fruit and non-perishables.

#Blessed Place Settings: Got the crew coming over for Thanksgiving? Set place card settings that list one big reason why you’re thankful for that person. Smiles come naturally.what-are-you-thankful-forwhat-are-you-thankful-for-1

A Generous Commitment: Time is the hardest thing to donate, as there never seems to be enough. We get it – life gets busy, and that’s okay, but donating an hour or two to a cause you believe in is 100% doable. Set out a big “Happy Thanksgiving” card for people to sign, and ask them to share a cause they’d like to be a part of before the New Year.

Eat & Donate: Ask guests to bring a bag of gently worn clothes or a bag of canned goods to donate. Gather the big collection from all your guests, and donate it all on everyone’s behalf.

Share the Love: At mealtime, tradition allows time to share what everyone is thankful for. Spice things up by having guests share funny, loving memories of people to demonstrate just how far that appreciation goes.

Don’t be shy this Thanksgiving, yell your love from the rooftops (or the kitchen table). If nothing else, sharing your appreciation for those around you always goes a long way.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Cool Gear!

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