The Importance of Giving Back, a Note From nine five ltd. Co-Founder, Todd Saggese

We may be starting to sound like a broken record with all of the charitable talk we have going on around here, but hey, it’s important to us and we hope to pass on some of these good feels to you. With so many charities, volunteer options, and donation requests, it’s impossible and at times overwhelming to decide how to get involved, but you can make a difference! We’re excited to share the thoughts and wisdom from Todd Saggese, Creative Director and Co-Founder at nine five ltd., a headwear brand that believes in the importance of giving back.

nine five ltd. was started with two goals in mind: to provide individuals with a headwear brand that defines their personality, lifestyle, and moral standings… but more importantly, to team up with charities and foundations who seek to put an end to environmental, health and other global issues.

How nine five ltd. was born 

The idea for nine five ltd. came about the day after I left the hospital when I suddenly became ill with meningitis. To make a long story short, you do a lot of thinking while laying in a hospital bed and you’re forced to think what is really important to you and how easily those things you are passionate about/love can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. You realize how valuable each day is and simply going through the motions each day is not what we are here for. I knew that I loved working in the apparel industry and wanted to start a brand with a close friend and now business parter, T.J. Ennion, that exemplified my new found personal mantra… Live This Day.

The Meaning

The nine five part of our name comes from the saying “9 to 5” and plays off the notion of just how many hours we spend at our jobs. Most people simply think the LTD. is the corporate abbreviation for limited, it’s actually an acronym for our mantra, Live This Day. So, when you put it all together, the name nine five ltd. embodies and implies that it is our job to live this day. Oh, and by the way, our days are limited…so live each day to the fullest all while helping those less fortunate do the same.

A Philanthropic Lifestyle

During the initial planning for nine five ltd., we knew that we absolutely wanted to have a “give back” approach as the foundation of the business, and we wanted people to know that we were serious about it. After a lot of thinking and idea bouncing, we came up with our “PUT A LID ON” movement. 

The “PUT A LID ON” movement uses the purchasing power of our fans to benefit the earth and help those less fortunate live a better day. nine five ltd. is committed to donating 20% of every purchase made on our site and turning the contributions into something that supports the greater good. Our customers enable us to give, and in turn, we empower them to put an end to suffering, or as we like to say “PUT A LID ON”, to the charity of their choice. It was important to us to give our customers multiple options when it came to selecting a charity to support. We not only want them to feel good about buy a quality product, but connect through impact by supporting a cause close to their heart.


Giving Back 

While giving back is something we believe should be part of everyone’s daily routines on some level, it is especially important this time of year. Every Holiday season, we like to challenge our friends, family, and now you, our fans, to purchase at least one product for someone on their list that gives back.


Todd Saggese is the Co-Founder / Creative Director of nine five ltd.. You can give back + get your Holiday Shopping done here, and follow the Brand on Facebook & Instagram!

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