How I Make Travel A Priority Despite All the Excuses by Brooke Webb

So you want to see the world? I’ll go with you.

You know what I love? Fun things scheduled on my calendar. Booking a flight. Maps. Earning a new passport stamp. Daydreaming of a place I want to visit and actually going there. I love to travel–all of its experiences and adventures.

brooke-webb-travel-1So I travel as much as I can and whenever I can. Not so embarrassingly, my credit card balance is currently made up of the cost of flights. I’ll do this only to earn points to book future flights because there’s always somewhere new I need to go! You see, traveling makes me the happiest, the most excited, the most passionate – so I work really hard to make that happen. If there’s a bumper sticker that says “Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.” it belongs on my little, red car.

And that’s just what I do; I work to save money to spend on the next adventure. If you’re like me, you don’t exactly have a bucket list per se, but more of a desire to see, do, and explore everything; you book trips with a “why wouldn’t I go?” attitude. Budapest was not a city on my need-to-visit radar, but getting kicked off a train for language misunderstandings is one of my funniest and fondest memories abroad. Ordering shrimp in Barcelona and receiving the ugliest, basically still alive meal, is all part of the learning process. Crying after being the worst at paddle boarding in southern California is a memory I wouldn’t trade in.

Now, there are probably some eye-rollers out there thinking, sure I would travel too if I was –young, rich, or non-committed. Or, maybe if I didn’t have kids, weren’t in school, didn’t have to save for a house. The reasons for holding you back could go on and on. But they shouldn’t, and you should go.

brooke-webb-travel-8   brooke-webb-travel-2

My advice: analyze your excuses.

You are not too busy. We all have commitments in our lives: work, the gym, errands, the kids, events and celebrations, that really long to-do list. Well, I urge you to make fun a priority. For me, travel is on top of that fun category. Schedule it as you would anything else in your calendar. Make it happen as you would to anything else you’ve committed to. Want that promotion at work? Go for it. Want to visit a foreign country this year? Meet that goal. No one said this had to be a grand trip of a lifetime. Look at your calendar, squeeze in that day trip you’ve been meaning to take. Travel has to be as important to you as the other things in your life.

If it’s as important, it does not cost too much. If it’s important, you’ll want to spend money on travel! Bills can be a nuisance and debt is never a good idea—but there are ways to save for a trip. Make that iced latte at home, sell some unwanted items online, and pick up extra hours at work. Keep your eye on travel deals, go on non-peak times, and seek advice from your network on what’s worth doing on a trip. Again, travel has to be as important to you as the other things in your life.brooke-webb-travel-4

I highly doubt no one will go with you. Travel is a connector between people. Once you’ve made travel a priority in your life, talk about it! People love talking about travel, the trips they’ve gone on, the “oh-my-gosh did you eat here,” moments when you’ve gone to the same place, to gushing about where they’d like to head to next. Travel lights people up, don’t be afraid to ask “do you want to go?” –you’d be surprised how many will take you up on it! Then you end up coordinating a girls trip to Thailand—my current problem I love to have. Or be the coolest of us all and rock a solo trip. Then I’ll call you for advice when I look to book my first solo adventure. See? Let’s be friends.

All in all, if you read along this far, travel is important to you. Let’s do more of it, let’s get out there to explore. We’ve got “I can’t believe I did that” memories to make.brooke-webb-travel-5

brooke-webb-travel9Brooke is a nurse in Boston, MA. With a personality caught between serious and fun, you can find her traveling, working out, or eating a kale salad with a side of fries. Connect with her on Instagram @Br00keWebb.

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    I’m a nurse in Boston who also loves to travel and I couldn’t agree more with this article!

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