Turkey Day Tabata Workout

The always anticipated Turkey Day meal, offers the opportunity to indulge, and we’re all for it. Go for that extra bite of Cold Brew Crème BRÛlée, because we’ve got you covered with a pre-meal Turkey Day Tabata. Burn off calories, kick up your metabolism, and release some mood boosters in anticipation of the eating marathon that lays ahead.

This tabata works your entire body with cardio blasts, leg and glute strength, and total abs and obliques. It’s fast, challenging, and can be done at home with only your body weight – no equipment needed!

Each exercise is worked 45 seconds on, and 15 seconds off during the switch. Try to do as many reps as possible (AMRAP)! Repeat entire sequence 3-5x, taking 1 minute rest in between rounds.

Mashed Potato Poppers: Squat touching finger tips to ground and pop up into the air, hands reaching above head. Squat low, pop up high, and do as many reps as possible.

Burpees: Jump down into plank position, option to add a push up, jump legs back into hands, and propel upward into a high jump, arms above your head.

Stuffing Stars: Jump into the air like a star, arms up and out like a “Y”, legs simultaneously pop open like an upside down “V”.

turkey-day-tabata-cool-gea2Turkey Twisters: Lie on your back, hands behind your head, elbow out side to side. Bend left knee into chest, and twist upper body, bringing right elbow to touch left knee cap; switch bringing left elbow to right knee. Keep shoulders lifted off the ground for an added challenge.

Cherry Pie Pickers: Sitting on seats bones, bend knees with feet gently touching the ground, or lift into a hover; twist upper body, touching hands side to side of your waist, working your obliques.

If you’re feeling like you might want to reach for seconds (workouts that is), check out last years Turkey Day Workout!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Cool Gear! 

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