The Ultimate Beach Day

This Summer, we’re all about simplicity, especially when it comes to achieving the maximum amount of fun and relaxation at the beach. Whether you’re planning to veg out this Saturday at a beach in your hometown, or travel long distances to reach the best beach in the region, we’ve put together a check list on how to enjoy the ultimate beach day from sun up to sun down.

  1. Pack the car the night before. Stack the beach chairs neatly, layer on the beach bags filled with towels, books, and sunscreen, and finish off with an umbrella, small folded table, and we can’t forget the bag of toys and/or games. What’s in our beach bag? Check out our post from last summer!beach-van-packing
  2. Beach food prep: Watermelon, epic sandwiches, a good ol’ bag of chips, fresh fruit, lots of water, and some refreshing adult beverages of choice (enjoyed responsibly). Hit up the grocery store the day before for essentials and have everything ready to be loaded into the cooler the morning of – don’t forget ice, and be sure to bring an extra bag! Pack reusable, food storage to keep the food extra cool! Also, check out this more than awesome Igloo Trailmate cooler to make your sand-journey easy.igloo trailmate
  3. Allow us to introduce you to the Travel Potty, a cult classic. Sure, some beaches have bathrooms or outhouses, but for those a bit more remote, this is a great option for the kiddos. Fun Fact: Cool Gear hasn’t marketed this product in almost twenty years but makes sure to produce a small production run every year, knowing it will sell out among loyal fans.
  4. Rally the troops. Getting everyone up, coffee/breakfast, bathing suits on, and ready to go is no small feat. Lather up on sunscreen before you leave the house to allow it to sink in, and so you don’t miss a spot while rushing at the beach. Set the alarm extra early, even for a Saturday, and get on the road as soon as possible. 1. you’ll beat traffic, and 2. find that ever elusive, perfect parking space.
  5. H2O and H2O Bottles. Bring a lot. Bring extra. Bring your favorites, and thank us later.coolgearpop
  6. Post up in a semi circle with a nice set up of beach chairs, towels and an area for games. There’s nothing more obnoxious than someone creeping onto your turf at the beach, so be respectful of other people’s space and make your own area strategically set and enjoyable.sunset-friends-at-beach
  7. Go in the water! Yes, even you, the person who thinks you aren’t a water person! The ocean is an amazing part of the world we live in, and weather you sit in a beach chair at the water’s edge, or are doing canon balls off of a paddle board, it can be enjoyed by all. Plus, it is great for your skin, and cooling off your body temps! Not to mention it will help you achieve the ultimate beach hair waves.friends-ocean-beach
  8. Build a sandcastle. Drip castles are our go-to, but we appreciate a good, solid bucket construction as well. Let your inner kid out and play in the sand.
  9. Go for long walks on the beach. It’s a saying for a reason! Get a burst of brisk exercise, and a nice, full-coverage bronze glow along the way.
  10. Leave sea life in its natural habitat. While searching for crabs and starfish are a favorite pastime, they’re trying to chill just like you – so don’t go poking them!
  11. Lather up. Drink water. Cool off. Repeat.rocktagon
  12. If allowed, have a bonfire as the day cools. Roast some s’mores, and indulge in the ooey gooey mess.
  13. As the sunset begins to burn orange, throw on those epic, always-a-bit-too-big, beachy sweatshirts, dig your feet in the sand, and breathe in the warm, salty air – peaceful in the fact that you had the ultimate beach day.beach-bonfire

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