Stand Out Valentine’s Day Makeup by Amber Rae Beauty

How lucky are we to have a holiday dedicated solely to loving the most important people in our lives?! Though it is crucial to let the people in our lives know how much we treasure them every single day of the year, I won’t say no to an opportunity to play with makeup under the guise of having a theme – this one being love! I love a classic red lip, sparkly smoky eye combo as much as the next person, I also can’t help but eye the stuff I’m using less often and think of ways to make them work. The looks I’ve created today are no exception!

The base for today’s look is super easy – a flawless canvas with bronzed skin and a fun pink glow, provided by the Anastasia Glow Kit in Moonchild. If you don’t have that palette but want a similar effect, dig through your eye shadow collection to find a soft shimmery pink and slap it on your cheekbones. A defined brow finishes off the base.

We are straying from a classic red lip with an ombre lip, meaning using two shades that blend into one another creating a transitional effect. I’ve opted to use a NYX product designed for an ombre lip, but you can use any two colors in your collection. You can use the darker shade to line the lip and the brighter shade as a pop of color in the center, as I did, or you can do two totally different colored lips. Heck, you could even have the colors create a gradient going left to right, top to bottom, whatever your heart desires! To make sure the focus was completely on our fun lips, I kept the eyes super simple with a smidge of black liner and a single coat of mascara.

The second look is when we went way outside the box with a grungy, editorial red eye paired with either a soft nude lip or bold black lip, with or without the addition of our cheek highlighter pressed over top. Tape helps to create a sharp line on the eyes – it’s one of my favorite tricks when you don’t want to think too much about creating a cat eye. Lay down your gel liner then go nuts smudging it out with a similar shade. You can do whatever color you want for this part, but I wanted to play off your typical Valentine’s Day hues and do something unpredictable with the red. Top the eye look off with lots of mascara after smoking out the color of your choice. I first paired this eye with a soft nude lip, as to ensure all the attention was on the eyes but couldn’t wait to get that black on them – it was such a cool combination and definitely not your classic V-Day look! I pressed that Anastasia highlighter on the center of the lips to tie in the pink tones on the cheek, but it is not a necessary step.

For these looks, don’t feel like you have to use the exact things I am – your skin type and tone are probably not the same as mine, so use what you have and what suits your face the best. These are just different, fun ideas I’m putting out there to fuel your creativity and get those juices flowing.

Remember, this is JUST makeup! It wipes off in a second, so have fun experimenting with what’s in your collection. Try using products for different parts of your face, go for shades you generally don’t wear, play with unexpected color combinations. Holidays especially lend an excuse to pull out glitter and fun colors to create thematically classic or alternative makeup looks.

Have a beautiful holiday with whoever it is that’s lucky enough to celebrate with you! xo

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