Thankful for our Veterans

A Veterans Day Thank You

It’s difficult to imagine and understand what life is like for a Veteran. So on this day, we remind you to simply do what you can and stop, recognize, and be thankful for all of the sacrifices that so many people have offered for the freedom of this Country.

We are proud to have veterans among the Cool Gear and Igloo families and are thankful for their courage. We spoke with Gary Drahos, Environmental Health & Safety Administrator at Igloo to share a few words on what Veterans Day means to him and how he continues to serve.

What does Veterans Day mean to you?
Veterans Day to me means that we are honoring the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who, because of their selfless acts, have protected the freedoms of the citizens of the USA.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve taken away from your time serving our Country?
One of the best lessons I took from my time in the military was to respect the decisions of the higher ups but also to question them if you feel they may not be in the best interest of the soldier.

What is your favorite part about being on the Igloo team?
Being part of the Igloo family means that everyday something is new and exciting, I love being able to help and serve the people of Igloo.

What are some hobbies you enjoy outside of work?
I enjoy spending my time volunteering at the VFW where I am the Post Adjutant and the District Officer of the Day. I also spend time as part of the leadership team for

What excites you about working with Cool Gear and having it be a part of Igloo Holdings?
Having Cool Gear as part of the Igloo family shows how much Igloo has grown since I came on board almost 5 years ago. Igloo’s growth is a testament to the leadership and the people who make the coolers.

And just for fun, if you were stuck on a deserted island and could choose one celebrity, one meal, and one item to be by your side, who and what would you choose?
If on an island I would choose Les Shroud, an MRE, and the Bible. Les Shroud because he is probably the best outdoors man. An MRE because you can make several meals out of one. And a Bible for comfort.

There are many lessons learned that our Veterans carry with them through relationships, business, leadership and life – as well as many lessons we can learn from their bravery and perseverance. Whether you say it in person, via social media, text or phone call, today is the day to proudly and loudly salute the Veterans in your life.

Thank you, Veterans from all of us here at Cool Gear and Igloo.

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