Warped Tour Workout by Cardio Sport

Vans Warped Tour is in full swing, and people across the country have been enjoying the bands, music, and summer festivities, all while staying hydrated of course! This week VWT is coming to our home state for a show in Mansfield, Massachusetts so to add to the experience we’ve teamed up with Cardio Sport to offer a Warped Tour inspired workout!

Cardio Sport is a fitness program aimed to combine movement and music through a fun, playful, team environment.

Our mission is to engage and inspire the human spirit through music, movement and sport,  sparking a motivation and purpose for each and every person, to achieve more than they ever imagined possible. Cardio Sport is the platform to find “The Best of You.”

cardio sportThe Cardio Sport program and mission supports bands and musicians in classes, education, and beyond, with many of the bands a part of Warped Tour. Lucky for us, John Duffy (CS Founder), and Hilary Hartman (VP Marketing) put together a Warped Tour inspired workout with an awesome playlist – so grab a friend, some soccer balls, and your water bottle and get moving!

Warped Speed Workout

1. Circle Run Soccer Ball 30 Seconds – Basketball Figure 8s – 20 Ball Jumping Jacks

“Solo” The Story So Far

2.  Mountain Climbers on Ball 20 Seconds – Ball Plank 10 Seconds – 10 Pushups on Ball

“Lights & Sounds” Yellowcard

3. 12 Squat Jumps – Ball Toe Taps 20 Seconds

“Go, Go, Go” Sleeping With Sirens

4. Crawl Around Ball 15 Seconds – 4 Square Jumps 12x – 10 Squat Thrusts w/Ball

“Secrets” State Champs

5. Ball Walkups 30 Seconds – 30 Squat Jumps

“Suffering” Like Pacific

6. 100 Yard Sprint & Soccer Dribble Back – 100 yard Sprint & Basketball Dribble Back

“Oh Well, Oh Well” Mayday Parade

* Repeat all sequences for the duration of each song


Exclusive Vans Warped Tour coolgearcans available at every show!

Exclusive Vans Warped Tour coolgearcans available at every show!

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