What kind of BRU are you?

But first, coffee.

It’s pretty much everyone’s requirement before trying to think in the morning. Coffee is not only a Monday morning necessity, Saturday morning hangover cure, or a 2PM slump-buster, this magical  bean has bounced it’s way into our cups and our hearts. A bustling coffee revolution has overtaken our culture with small-batch coffee roasters, celebrity status baristas, and more delicious coffee/latte/cappuccino creations than we can keep up with.

With cold brew coffee on the rise, we are excited to premier coolgear BRU™, a single serve at-home brewing system for a sweet and smooth cold brewed ice coffee. Exciting right?! Before we share our product with you, we want to know:

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The Go Getter:
 Ready, set, grab & go; you have no time to waste, and prefer to move at the speed of light.

  • BRU Flavor Profile: The fastest BRU gets the job done in just an hour and a half – perfect for your 6am wake up call. This lighter option is mild in flavor, while still showcasing the coffee bean flavors.
  • BRU Character Profile: Wake up past 6 am and you’ve wasted half the day; so much to do, with so little time. You’re a ball of energy who has never taken a nap past age 5. You’re creative, spontaneous, and up for anything – as long as it can surprise and delight!

The Day Planner: Strategy and efficiency are integral parts of your daily routine, allowing you to plan ahead and arrive on time. The 2pm slump is no match for your scheduling skills, and things seem to always go your way.

  • BRU Flavor Profile: With a 4 hour BRU, you’re creating a medium strength flavor, at a steady pace. Not as intense as the Night Owl, and not as light as the Go Getter, the taste is just right for a midday pick-me-up. It packs in the flavor without overpowering the tastebuds.
  • BRU Character Profile: Your little black book never leaves your side; you’re meticulous with your planning skills and know how to get things done creatively and efficiently. You’re a social butterfly, open-minded, and the queen of party planning.

The Night Owl: Time is on your side, you like to move at your own pace, and as we all know, great things take time. 

  • BRU Flavor Profile: Nutty, bold, and strong; this BRU is not for the weak of heart. It gives you the energy you need for a long-lasting, powerful approach. After a 10 hour BRU, you’re able to taste different nuances from the beans, while enjoying the robust, delightful aroma.
  • BRU Character Profile: You live and breathe the mantra “patience is a virtue”, and when you put time, effort and passion into doing something, you want to do it right. You’re bold, inventive, in tune with yourself and your surroundings, and have an artist’s soul that soaks it all in.

Comment below and let us know what kind of BRU you are and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates on when BRU will be available near you! 


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