What the Boston Marathon Means to the People of Boston

The Boston Marathon isn’t just another 26.2 mile race, it’s an iconic holiday where the city shuts down, the people celebrate, and strength is defined. People line the route from start to finish, cheers are multiplied and reverberated between the buildings, smiles are shared and hugs are given. Feelings of pride, support, happiness, and love fill the city – spreading from high fives to slaps on the back and moments of tender kisses on the cheek.

Nothing can tear down this city, this race, or this moment. It carries too much meaning, and has far too much history to be deterred from its rightful path – a journey of strength, love and happiness.

For me, the Boston Marathon was always about two things: the challenge and the people. Running Boston wasn’t just about the race itself, but rather it was the culmination of months of early morning runs in Boston winter with everything that comes with it! But more importantly, it was about the people; Boston was the only race that I have ever run where I could count on my friends, family, and community members to line the streets from the Heights to the finish line. ~ Timothy S.

The Boston Marathon to me is the SUPER BOWL of marathons. It’s filled with competition, dreams, hopes and GOALS! It’s a day in Boston like NO OTHER. One that brings us all together, especially after the tragedy of marathon bombing. I have run 5 Boston marathons and the one word that comes to mind when you first cross that finish line is… EUPHORIC!  ~ Melinda S.

The Boston Marathon is a symbol of inspiration, hope & unity. Although, I’m impressed by those who worked tirelessly through the dead of winter to train for the feeling of triumph, I’m even more inspired by the spectators who cheer until their voices are gone, symbolizing the banding together of strangers on this one spectacular day to overcome a challenge & cross the finish line together. ~ Kristin R.

The Boston Marathon is a rite of Spring, a time of renewal and resilience. The race symbolizes the resilience of life and more recently the resilience of a city confronting evil. ~ Mike R.

The Boston Marathon has always represented strength, endurance and the utmost respect for all who participate. It is a gathering and welcoming of diverse people from around the globe who come together as a community to celebrate amazing athleticism.  ~ Dolores C.

The Boston Marathon represents absolute strength and undeniable spirit of Boston. ~ Liz D.

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