Why You Need to Start A Book Club Now

Any seasoned reader knows that nothing goes better with a good book, than a nice glass of wine. With crazy work schedules, hectic kiddo schedules, and barely any time for yourself – getting the chance to sit down and read a book is a welcomed treat. But what if you had an excuse for it this time around – “Sorry hubby, can’t do the dishes, I’ve got to go read my book for Ladies Night Book Club!”

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to redefine the meaning of a book club. It isn’t just for ya old cat-lady neighbor down the street! Book clubs are for any age, era, and group gathering – and look at you go, now there’s a reason to actually read your book! Not to mention, book clubs add some much-needed social interactions to wrap up a long week; so get creative with your BC name, because you may be ahead of the trend for the next generation of book clubs!

Find your book club purpose, and revel in all that it’s worth.

Whether you’re looking to breeze through two books a month, or those books are used as coasters during your monthly meetings, set some guidelines for your group! Sisterhood of the Traveling Glasses, Nerdy Librarian Bookies, or Exotic Book Club, make it fun and interesting.

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Open your eyes, and give your brain a workout.

The awesome thing about a book club is that it introduces you to new genres, new book titles, and new reads you never would have thought to pick up! Allowing each member a rotating chance to choose a book, expands your reading horizons, and who knows, you may even learn something along the way.

the good girl book

Laugh with friends, old & new.

“Janie’s inviting Emma, and Sarah’s inviting Meg, and is it cool if Liz invites Jess?” Expand the inner circle and meet the friend of a friend of a friend. New people bring new ideas to the table, new opinions, new stories, and potentially a new friendship.

Relax, you aren’t being graded (unless it’s a book club of Professors, then we’re not sure).

Let your guard down and really explore your thoughts and feelings about the book; did it bring something up for you? Did someone else offer an explanation that makes perfect sense but you otherwise may not have thought of? Just like any expression of art, words are supposed to make you feel something – so let it happen.

daring greatly

Now that you’re super excited to get this book club party started, follow the Cool Gear Book Club Pinterest board to find your first book!

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