Sparkle & Shimmer Makeup for Winter Solstice by Amber Rae Beauty

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year, with the official start of the Winter season. As we say goodbye to all that Autumn has given us, makeup-wise of course, I’m looking forward to adjusting my looks to colder weather, shorter days & embracing darker hues. Winter-time in New England can be exceptionally beautiful, giving us snow that blankets every surface, chilly temps & an excuse to snuggle closer to our loved ones. As I was thinking about all the loveliness of winter I was inspired to use icier tones on my eyes and cheeks for today’s makeup tutorial.

Snow makes me think of blues, silvers and frosty finishes, hence the shininess on the eyes and cheeks. This is certainly not for the faint of heart – wearing a blue duo chrome highlighter isn’t for everyone, but oh my goodness it is cool! Winter makeup allows me to experiment with cooler tones & metallics, as I generally stick to the warm shades that are in my comfort zone. This look was the perfect way to shake things up & try something new, which I ended up loving!

Leave a comment down below and let me and other readers know what your favorite products are for the wintertime, whether it’s nail polish, skin care or lipstick. Celebrate the start of winter with a mug of hot cocoa by a fire while watching Home Alone. I personally love any excuse to cozy up on the couch with my sweetheart, and chilly weather is the ultimate justification. While rocking a tin-man esque eye shadow, of course.

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