World Oceans Day 2016

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.”

~ e.e. Cummings

Water defines us. It’s what we are made up of, what we live by, and who we are. It inspires us, excites us, scares us, replenishes us, and represents life in more ways than one. The ocean holds truths, secrets, myths, wonders, sadness, and hope. The underwater world is suffering and we are constantly playing catch up to make things right.

Cool Gear has always been dedicated to sustainability, quality, health-conscious materials and manufacturing processes, and partnering with causes that make our world and oceans a better place.

This World Ocean Day we encourage you to find out how you can get involved in local events, research programs, and causes – as well as spread the word for your love of the ocean. We are inspired by organizations in our own backyard, and hope to continue to shine a light on the people who are changing the world. Discover how individuals are saving our oceans and the life within them, and share your thoughts and photos with us below or on social media!

Remark Visions Aerial Beaches 2016 from RemarkVisions on Vimeo.

“World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future.” Their website serves as a place to find resources, ideas, and inspiration to get involved in your own local community, or in a bigger way.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Who is WHOI?

“Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is the world’s leading, independent non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration, and education. Our scientists and engineers push the boundaries of knowledge about the ocean to reveal its impacts on our planet and our lives. – See more here.

Photo By WHOI

Photo By WHOI

WHOI is made up of scientists, explorers, educators, and above all, caring, compassionate people who are driven to push the limits; they are at the forefront of underwater exploration and seek to find solutions for the answers they discover. They are not only dedicated to advancing our knowledge base of this planet, but also to the general well-being of our environment and the future it holds.

Photo By WHOI

Photo By WHOI

Nan Hauser and Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation

Who is Nan Hauser?

“Nan Hauser is the President and Director of the Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation. Hailing from Maine, her home base is in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, where she is the Principal Investigator for the Cook Islands Whale Research Project and Director of the Cook Islands Whale & Wildlife Centre. Nan’s research includes population identity, Photo ID, acoustics, genetics, surface & underwater behavior, navigation and migration of cetaceans.”


What does CCRC do?

CCRC raises public awareness of marine conservation issues, specifically for whales and dolphins, through education, research and conservation, and various media production for documentaries, publications, internet, and film.

Nan, CCRC, and her various projects are not only admirable, but are immensely impactful; through film, educational programs, and media, she has been able to share her findings and cause in a mainstream way. She connects emotionally through the public through her immense passion, and reliability, proving that all of us have the ability to make a difference.

In Pursuit of Giants from the Deep: Nan Hauser on the Ocean Health Index from Ocean Health Index on Vimeo.

Learn more about all of these organizations by visiting their websites and seeing how you can get involved to save the whales, our oceans, and our future.


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